Public Securities and Activism

In our public securities portfolio, we created a concentrated portfolio (across cap structure):

Approximately 20 publicly listed securities, held by either TyreGate, its Principals or by proxy. Of these 20 securities, 3 or 4 small cap securities will be held in size (i.e. 5 – 20% of portfolio) for the very long run.

TyreGate principals play a constructive, activist role.  In this capacity, TyreGate seeks to assist management teams and/or management boards in their quest to create shareholder-value. 

TyreGate would actively engage, in cooperation with well-known Private Equity Funds, on all strategic options, including exploring a management or leveraged buyout to unlock value.

Finally, a portfolio of commodities and currencies are actively managed, on a proprietary basis, for the primary purpose of hedging.