TyreGate Capital’s goal is to create a world class multi asset diversified investment company.

We strive to generate strong risk-adjusted returns by combining a deep fundamental approach to evaluate companies with company specific, portfolio and market risks analysis. We invest in publicly listed securities, private companies, start-ups, private equity funds, commodities, and currencies. In addition our investments are focused on the real estate, technology, energy, luxury goods, retail and media sectors.

We have attracted a team of highly talented investors from a diverse variety of backgrounds and experiences who operate in a collaborative working environment conducive to generating exemplary returns. In addition to the management team, TyreGate’s Investment Committee and Advisory Board members play a key role in our investment philosophy and in our overall strategy and direction.

The investment experience of our management team is further strengthened by us tapping into our vast network of relationships, contacts, external advisors, and consultants, who assist in the evaluation and execution processes. Hence, by leveraging our entire platform, we identify our investment targets.

Our appreciation and understanding of new paradigms, constantly changing technologies, and disruptive forces across all sectors of our global economy, have helped us identify attractive companies and learn valuable lessons from others. At TyreGate Capital, we strive to create value for our stakeholders by anticipating changes in market and sector dynamics before they happen. We believe that our differentiated research, investment style, activist approach, and risk management will help us identify our target universe, and capture significant absolute returns in both public and private markets.

After investing in a company, we work very closely with the management team to help them grow organically and inorganically by identifying earning accretive companies they could acquire or with whom they could collaborate. We create value in our investments by driving operational improvements, optimization of capital structure, identifying weakness in the business models and helping the

management teams overcome these weaknesses. We provide our companies a unique global perspective on the opportunities and challenges they face. Finally, we work intricately with all our management teams to adopt an acute focus on constantly optimizing and improving return on invested capital (ROIC), and to that end we strive to align all interests and financial incentives to maximizing ROIC.